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Blackberries & Peaches (Cheesecake Galette, Sauce, Cobbler)

Summer is getting closer and closer to coming to an end. I’d be happy if it never ended, I’ve had a wonderful Summer! I’ve been feeling very inspired by these new found farms I have come across here in Kansas. I will miss the beautiful, vibrant colors of fresh Summer fruit.

A dear friend introduced me to a few lovely farms. One is full of rows and rows of blackberry brambles (Elderslie Farm) and the other is full of delicious sun ripened peaches (Meadowlark Farm)!  I was in heaven!!  Read more …

Breakfast · Dessert · Recipes

Healthy Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies & Yoga

I love cookies you can eat any time of day especially for breakfast! This is the perfect time of year to get into a healthy morning routine. For me that includes Yoga and a simple breakfast to keep me going until my mid-morning snack, these Oatmeal Cookies are just what I need! I packed them full of raisins, oats, toasted coconut, pecans, dark chocolate and agave nectar. Read more …

Breakfast · Dessert · Recipes

Wholesome Holiday Pear Cobbler

Last year was my first holiday season with my boyfriends family. It was very special, and this year has been no different. His grandparents have traditionally given each family member a box of delicious pears, and last year I made a pear cobbler with them. It was a hit, so I believe I will make it a new tradition to use those pears and make a cobbler each year. I don’t think I will get any objections from my man! Read more …