I’m Jane. I’m so happy to share my love of wellness with you. My passion for healthy clean food started when I moved to Austin, TX, and joined the yoga community. Connecting with people through yoga led me down the path toward connecting with people through food.

I recently moved to a small town in Kansas, and for the first time I have my own garden! Although I started out small I’ve been able to use fresh herbs and veggies in my cooking. I was inspired and encouraged by my lovely boyfriend, Kyle, to get my recipes and thoughts on healthy living out to all of you.

My tagline is “Clean Homestyle Cooking & Yoga.” I love homestyle cooking and grew up on it living in the south. Inspired by my mom to cook, once I began experimenting with food I realized I can eat the food I love and still get healthy results by changing some key ingredients. I buy organic whenever possible, and I like to use ingredients that reduce and even prevent the chance of illness — even in desserts!

As a yoga teacher and practitioner, yoga has been a constant in my life for many years. I will be sharing yoga sequences with you that work from the inside out, which is where we find the balance of “Clean Homestyle Cooking & Yoga.”

Thank you for stopping by!