Attitude of Gratitude Month: Day 3

Attitude of Gratitude Day 3

If you look back to Day 1 you will find my Attitude of Gratitude recipe.

Yoga pose: WARRIOR I POSE (Virabhadrasana I)

This photo was taken over the summer during my first trip to Hawaii! I thought it would be fitting for my gratitude post.


How to: You can start in a standing forward fold. Inhale plant your hands down on the mat. Exhale take a big step back with one foot. Inhale bend your front knee and align the knee over the ankle. You want to keep this alignment with the front knee throughout the pose to protect the knee joint.

Exhale turn your back foot to a 45° angle, and root down through both feet. Inhale and engage the core to lift the torso. Reach the arms up toward the sky palms facing each other. Exhale relax the shoulders away from the ears. Keep your hips facing forward and engage the inner thighs. Keep rooting down through the feet while in this pose. Take 8 deep full breaths then switch sides.

Warrior I pose will leave you feeling energized emotionally and physically! This is a very empowering pose.

Writing: I am so grateful to be a part of my boyfriends lovely family. I am grateful for Hawaii! I am grateful for turkey burgers!

Giving: Today I shared my homemade chicken noodle soup with my boyfriends grandparents. ❤

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