Attitude of Gratitude Month: Day 1

My November ritual is to express my gratitude each day of the month through yoga, writing, and giving.

Here’s my recipe, if you will:


  • 1 pose a day that exudes gratefulness.


  • list out 3-5 things you are grateful for.


  • giving something of yourself to someone else or a gift of kindness.

Day 1

Yoga pose: LOW LUNGE (Anjaneyasana)


How to: Start off in a High Lunge Pose with your back knee lifted, and your front knee in line with your heel. Keeping your front knee as it is, exhale and lower your back knee straight down. (note: if this hurts your knee pad it with a blanket) Inhale and reach your arms up over head, relax the shoulders, and elongate the spine.


Exhale gently lift your heart forward and up as you begin to reach back with the fingertips, coming into your back bend/heart opener. Keep the inner thighs hugging in and engaged. Press down with the ball of  your back foot to keep the back leg active, and to protect the knee. Hold for 8 breaths then switch sides.

This pose opens the heart to give and receive gratitude and grace. While you’re breathing in this pose imagine someone who needs a little extra love, and extend your gratefulness to them.

Writing: I am grateful for my yoga practice, I am grateful for good food, I am grateful for my boyfriend, I am grateful for my dad and I am grateful for my family.

Giving: Sharing my ritual with all of you.

I hope this recipe for Attitude of Gratitude Month inspires you. I will be posting each day.

© Please do not use my images or recipes without prior permission.

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